Adil Baguirov Has Made Dayton a Better Place

Adil BaguirovAdil Baguirov had a lot of educational experience in his background, long before he ran for his current position on the Dayton, Ohio Public Schools Board of Education. For example, he authored some academic books and articles and he also is highly valued for his talents as a public speaker and lecturer, as well as a moderator for a number of academic conferences. He also has audited many university-level classes and he has played a key role as a researcher in several think tanks.

All of that, along with a strong belief that giving back to his community of Dayton is why he felt confident running for a position on the Board of Education. It’s also obvious that the people in the district agreed, since they elected him. They have not been disappointed, since Adil Baguirov has largely met and exceeded the promises he made to the people who voted him in. In his first four years, he has seen to it that the technology in the schools improved. He has also brought more money to the district and also helped to bring more financial accountability to the school district.

One of Adil Baguirov’s best accomplishments thus far has been his leadership in securing the most responsible financing possible for the replacement of the bulk of Dayton’s fleet of aging school buses. They were able to acquire a 115 brand-new state-of-the-art school buses. Not only will these new buses be safer and more comfortable for students, but their 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty will reduce maintenance costs significantly. Best of all, he was able to get financing at a paltry 2.06% rate.